Same, same – but different!

A simple and contradicting phrase that perfectly describes a situation that might appear to be the same for some, yet for others something totally different. Why the solution of complex problems need to aim on many levels and to take a holistic view for a rewarding value creation.

Value carries manifold meanings and numerous appearances. Considering the personal level, the emotional and functional dimensions stand in the forefront for value creation, while on a shared level the dimensions of social and cultural value play a predominant role. But we should not forget the dimension that keeps the world running – money – making us counting beans and so on. However, the practice of value creation is an intangible experience of things, ideas or ideologies, all rooted and constantly related to the current social and individual relation to cultural constructs. The interrelation between individual, social and cultural dimensions prerequisites a sound understanding of trends and subcultural behavior.

Value Creation
An interrelated world might have mainstreamed our cultural behavior. Nevertheless, we are social creatures, compelled to align with the values in our culture, communities and society. A study concluded that in Sweden the linkage with the contextual spheres of fashion, social media, and most importantly, blogs, has created values in forms of communities centered on brands and the “rise to new value networks comprising a set of different stakeholders”.That’s largely the case, because our social values permeate wholly our personal experiences that we encounter in the culture we act in. Talking business, this means no corporation, brand, or product keeps any inherent value – but they all can develop invaluable when their activities and meanings are resonating well with the culture and the markets they act in. Abundant value emerges when businesses endorse important cultural movements and enable collective action for a greater commitment, yet, manage to connect these shared aspects of value with functional and emotional personal benefits. Adapting concepts of marketing strategies and communication campaigns, in order to create an abundant value for target groups, is the keystone of success. This implies an essential knowledge in the cultural-, individual- and social value systems of the concerned market. Follow this path and the impact of your actions will last longer then you think! doesn’t just solve customer’s problems. Instead, we see problems as an opportunity that takes a holistic view to value creation.

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