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Harry Schein, one of the most thrilling figures in the Swedish media and arts scene, managed like a chameleon to adapt himself, his work and legacy into a culture, where species as him, had not been aware of. Yet, the adaption to the Swedish culture never implied a surrender of his Austrian heritage. His manners, language and philosophy lingered along throughout the decades of his work and left a trademark of its own. Content creation is one of the most valued activities that any businesses need to create. Blog posts, videos, podcasts, or even Facebook messages can give an incredible effect for your marketing strategy.

Producing content that is created and adapted to last and make an impact is our mission. In the same manner as Harry Schein managed to convey his Austrian charm to the cultural landscape of Sweden, we strive to develop your message, image and objectives into markets where we provide the expertise in knowing what works and how it works, using the appropriate language and applying the right channels for your message. As the name suggests, HarrySchein.me offer to “harryschein” your strategy turning and developing your concept, adapting and finding the best possible content marketing solutions for the market of concern.

We are

We’re a content marketing agency with native specialists, both digitally and culturally. Focusing to adapt your content for the relevant country, branding your message in all relevant channels, meeting your target objectives. Contact us for more information.

The risk of being funny is that people think you are joking

- Harry Schein -




Sometimes more is just more. Less content works and Harryschein.me gives your content the ability to travel farther. Paying attention to proper SEO properties, channels and that the right content is chosen wisely. We take care of that – knowing our markets according to your interests!




Creative content translations for your desired target language. Culturally adapted content management that ensures the original intent of the message to be met and adapted for the best resonance in the cultural setting of your target groups.


Social-media facilitation

Social media facilitation

Harryschein.me leverage listening tools to identify the conversations that are important for your campaign and apprehend the social channels and content your audience is engaging with. We develop distinctive strategies that establish your objectives for social media success in our native markets.

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